Friday, July 10, 2009


I believe that all sentient beings share equally in the right to a happy life and in as peaceful a manner as possible. Through human interference, manipulation, inconsiderate breeding, neglect and abuse, millions of animals suffer needlessly.

I believe that all life is sacred, that all our lives are interconnected and that the suffering of one affects us all. I believe in and support the ethical treatment of all sentient beings.

I believe in the motto “Each One Adopt One”, whether it be a dog, cat, hamster, horse, goat, bird or turtle or even a plant. There is one pet in need that will enrich your life and for whom you will bring security.

I believe in the motto “Each One Spay/Neuter One”. Only through mass spaying /neutering can we stop the exponential growth of unwanted and abandoned pets who will suffer gruesome fates. If you do not own a pet, you can sponsor the neutering/spaying of those pets around you or at the shelter of your choice. Help us help them by preventing the ultimate loss of life.

Saint Roch Gardens and Animal Sanctuary is located in Lacombe, Louisiana and is my abode and that of my rescued animals (and plants).

I endeavour to create a place of safety, comfort and care for my adopted animals. My goal is to continue to landscape in such a way as to blend paths, cultivated areas, meditation areas and animal habitats with balance and harmony.

I am not a shelter but a sanctuary.

However I also plan to have an emergency holding area for rescued dogs that are obviously homeless and/or in imminent danger, so they can be suitably re-homed. I will primarily focus on dogs in the Lacombe area of St Tammany. I cannot pick up puppies that were carelessly bred or animals that are being rehomed at the owner’s wishes.

If you know of an animal in danger in the Lacombe area, you should get in touch with me asap, unfortunately I am very limited in space and resources at this time. Until I am able to expand, I will do my utmost to help in any way I can.


At this time we are not able to adopt or foster any more animals though we will continue to work towards growth and helping more animals in every possible way.

I want to add one or two more kennel runs for emergencies so that we are able to rescue endangered animals (such as dogs we see roaming on the roads) and find them suitable homes and permanent care.

In the meantime we are not able to re-home your pets, but will direct you to other possible solutions.

We encourage all to neuter and spay your animals, as not to compound the already overwhelming problem of unwanted pets. Please be responsible and care for your animals, they depend entirely on you.

As we become able to rescue endangered pets, we will put them up on this site, to be fostered or permanently adopted.

At this time we are also not registered as a non-profit (501c status) but will keep all receipts and will match all donations to the proper expenses so that donors will always be able to know how their donations were well spent. At the time we are able to obtain a non-profit status (this might take over a year) we will switch from a .com to a .org. In the meantime rest assured that we will spend every penny we receive to foster care for our animals and to expand towards rescue efforts. Thank you.

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• Rescue of endangered dogs in the LaCombe area of St. Tammany
• Raise funds to enable the rescue program and to assist future foster homes.
• Raise awareness through St Tammany about responsible pet ownership.

To even begin on the road to accomplish these goals, I will need help in many areas. Beginning with adapting the Gardens to house dogs in emergencies so they can be comfortable and secure.
We will need funds for vet care and to support potential foster homes.
We will need volunteers to organize fund raising events, put up fliers, and assist with chores and work around the Gardens.


• We are in need of volunteer helpers always. For yard work, small construction projects, fence repairs and expansions etc..

• There is an overwhelming need for foster homes and if you are unable to make the comittment of adopting a pet and giving it a forever home you can and should consider becoming a foster parent. Fosters receive help with vet expenses and are able to care for an otherwise unwanted animal and make a difference in its life while enjoying the rewards of a loving companion. You can foster a dog, a cat, or another small animal. We can and will put you in touch with a number of reputable animal welfare organizations who will help you find the right foster pet for you.

• You can donate funds, services & goods, so we can continue the work on the sanctuary and expand and be able to save dogs in desperate need. Please give generously. You can make a donation in memory of a loved pet and send us a picture of him/her so we can post it, or you can make a donation as a present to a loved one and we will send them a beautiful photo/card from Saint Roch Gardens!

You can also offer to pay a veterinary bill for your choice of our rescued animals and send a check directly to our veterinary clinic. Just e-mail us and tell us who you wish to sponsor and we will give you all the pertinent information.

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At the present we are in need of and wish for the following items. If you can give any of these, please e-mail us and we will arrange to pick up. Thank you.

• Extra large dog crate (sized for a great Dane or Saint Bernard)., also one smaller crate suitable for small /med dog. (must close securely with gate and be in good overall condition).
• A delivery of gravel or limestone for the dog/goats habitat. This is sorely and urgently needed to offset the giant holes dug up by the catahoulas and bring down the levels of mud and dust.
• Dog collars (big and small, new only please), leashes, pet dishes in pristine condition, dog toys that are new and very sturdy (frisbees for the dachshunds are great).
• Dog beds (small to medium at this time)
• Flea medicine : Advantage or Advantix, Frontline, flea spray for yard and house. All are needed on a permanent basis. And for every size dog! (Must be in unopened package)
• Febreeze or similar upholstery freshener spray. (always needed!)
• Wild bird food, Cockatiel or Parrot food. (only unopened containers or bags)
• Benneful dog food. (only unopened bags). We also accept canned dog food (Cayenne often needs extra canned food in her dry dog food to help her eat and maintain her weight), and other kinds of dog foods for emergency care of other dogs. All must be in unopened packaging. .
• Hay, Alfalfa (in bale only), 10% Sweet Horse feed (only unopened bags).
• Large Kennel run for large dogs only (8ft x 10 ft only) Our kennel was destroyed by Gustav and we would need it delivered to us. So if you have an unused kennel in your backyard, please consider donating.
Also we can use green vinyl coated square wire fence rolls (to reinforce the bottom of picket fences, screen porch etc..)
• You can also donate a gift card from PetCo, PetSmart, Walmart or any other good pet supply store. This will be put to good use towards the ever-growing needs of the sanctuary.
• A used pick-up truck in running condition (to help out with hay, large item pick-ups, goat transport etc..). If you have an extra vehicle you can spare to a good cause, that would be great. We don’t care what it looks like! (A used van would work too)
•Bags of mulch for the orchard and the garden beds. If you have an extra bag of mulch (or more) left over from your gardening, please consider donating, as well as top soil, manure, etc..
• A solar fountain for the main pond.

E-mail us at


Cayenne (the Cheyenne): This gorgeous Red Leopard Catahoula girl came to us from the shelter when she was about a year old and has been with us 9 years now. She was very abused as a puppy befrore being found wandering the streets. Because of the previous mistreatment she is very weary of people and can be aggressive when scared or threatened. But she is very sweet to us,The dog and goat habitat is her domain and she reigns as the undisputed queen.

Bonnet Bleu (Buddy): This wonderful seal-color Catahoula also came to us from the shelter when he was just four months old. He was a real handful but has now settled to a life of leisure and play with his four-legged friends. Buddy tries to emulate Houdini by always working on escape routes. . Buddy has a great spirit, is extremely gentle, kind and compassionate.

Lil Deer: Part Nubian and part Boer, our mama goat came to us right before Katrina, pregnant and with an uncertain future. She was just about a year old and in november of 05 presented us with one gorgeous kid. She has no horns and is sweet and extremely intelligent.

Gita: Born on November 18th 2005, when our yard was still a mess of uprooted and downed trees from Katrina, Gita also was born without horns. Lil’ Deer and Gita have never been separated and love each other so much. Their favorite pastime is to sit up in the big oak tree, whose one trunk fell many years ago to form a natural bridge and goat meditation platform

Sebastian (Red Bean): Sebastian is a mini-dachshund, long haired and a rare isabella chocolate dapple color. He is quite a little gentleman with a mind of his own. He was born on October 30th of 2007 and was given to my daughter as a birthday present When she was forced to move he came to live with us , but still visits the French Quarter where he can show off his style.

Marguerite: Also a mini-dachshund, she is wire-haired , black and tan. Marguerite was adopted just this summer (09) at 5 months of age from an unsuitable situation. She and Sebastian love each other so much and they spend every minute of every day together. This is one very very sweet girl.

Kaspar (Great Pyrenees): although Kaspar has only been with us a few days, he has already earned the names of Gentle Giant , Wonder Dog and Buddha dog. There are not enough positive adjectives to give to Kaspar who is tranquillity personified, though he's only 2 years old. Kaspar has been through a lot of foster homes during his short life and we feel so blessed that he has finally come to us. He is one drop-dead gorgeous guy, so elegant in gait and disposition! He is a treasure to behold and to have around, and that's the meaning of his new name Kaspar (treasure).

The Birds: We have at present four love-birds in two separate cages (we do not want to breed and so far this has worked, though we have eggs, they seem infertile). They are lovely, chirping and flitting around all day. They were all adopted from owners who grew tired of them, though they are very little trouble and wonderful creatures who animate our front porch. I guess I should have named them individually but I usually speak to each of them as “pretty bird” or ‘birdie and they seem to know exactly whom I am addressing.

Simone: Simone is a gorgeous banded California King snake, who came to us on Simone de Beauvoir’s birthday so was duly named Simone. Simone is no trouble at all and does a lot of meditation between meals, taking baths and shedding her skin.

The Gardens and their Wild Creatures: We have a little over one acre which we are continuing to landscape. Over the past 5 years we have planted a camellia garden (in memory of Benazir Bhutto), established 2 small ponds, completed a flower and herb garden on 3 sides of the house, started two vegetable plots, planted 14 fruit trees in “the orchard” and much much more. We are trying to rescue and nurture Louisiana plants whenever possible (such as Blue Flag irises in the ditch, wild ginger, plantains, swamp root, cashmere bouquet, indigo, bald cypress and southern magnolias in the wooded areas). A great deal of time and effort and money is spent in the garden and the dogs & goats habitat. We also adopt unwanted plants - sometimes saved from a garbage heap (such as a lovely juniper).

The Saint Roch Gardens are also home to squirrels, wild birds, hummingbirds, frogs, toads, wild rabbits, butterflies and snakes which we try to accommodate and respect. We are in the process of establishing a bat house and will be looking for a bee hive in the near future.